Long Distance Poison

Rheomodes is now available for sale from Oxtail Recordings at the link:


Rheomodes is an audio-visual project that grew from ongoing research into Cold War era initiatives in mind control and fringe intellectual thought.  
Using analog electronic audio and video synthesis, Rheomodes is where sound controls image and image controls sound, clearing an opening for formless movements between each relative phenomena and possible moments of cognitive deprogramming by means of processual emphasis.  

Over the course of the summer of 2016, using intuition, pseudo-randomness and self-generating systems,  three audio-visual events were documented via three video imports.  The events can be described as films or as songs but are really less separate objects than different contexts of process.    
Rheomodes is being released three ways:  as a limited run cassette by Oxtail Recordings; as three films created using video synthesis and accessible via a password provided with the cassette; and as an installation at NYC's Printed Matter.